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Re: [zzdev] www.gzigzag.org

On 20000918T161435+0300, Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> The gzigzag home page is now accessible through www.gzigzag.org as well as
> gzigzag.sourceforge.net. This should make it easier to direct people to
> the site (it also works as gzigzag.net, www.gzigzag.com and any
> combination).
> There may still be some transient problems since we just got the
> arrangement made with sourceforge so if there are any problems, please 
> tell us.


Anybody willing to host a backup nameserver for gzigzag.{com,org,net}?
All our nameservers are now inside the JYU network, which gives us a
single point of failure (namely, the JYU-FUNET connection).

Also, if somebody wants to receive
{support,webmaster}@gzigzag.{com,net,org} email or wants a vanity email
forwarding address at gzigzag.{com,net,org}, email me.

(Vanity addresses available only on my and Tuomas' discretion, you need
to be associated with the project to get one.)

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