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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] versioning & cell copying

Tuomas Lukka schrieb:
> I was talking about this with Ted: he called the things to send and
> receive "bunches" instead of slices which are larger. The idea would
> be that the bunch has a list of cells (like a mark) and when one is
> received, that has some of the same cells as we have, then the original
> cells are not touched.
> The big problem is making clones etc. work the right way: sometimes we
> want clones to unify and sometimes not: for example, when we change the
> definition of a clang routine in the root clone.

I don't think we should merge different versions by default, but we
should keep track of identity, so that we *can* merge versions if we
want, and compare versions. The merging I talked about was actually
merging of the *same* version: reconstructing different *historical*
pieces to get, together getting a bigger picture of the actual history.
But that's not so important at the moment; it's just a nice possibility
we get when we keep track of the identity (including cell id and version
id), and when we do so even when we copy a cell (creating a pull-out).

Not keeping track of identity doesn't make sense to me *at all*.

- Benja