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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] systems programming Clang

> (I think this means that with the parts of an executable which can be
> referenced from ZZ, we store the cell version ID this executable binding
> was created from; inside ZZ we can then reference to that. Processors,
> after all, don't do string matching; the strings are stored in the
> linkable files, and in the same way we'd store the cell IDs. And if
> we're forced to string matching, e.g. because of targetting the Java VM
> / interfacing with Java code, we can come up with something like
> c174_958_20099 incorporating space id, space version, and cell id.)

A nice idea, connecting the two levels together.

The problem is what happens when you modify the source? Dynamic
recompilation would be the greatest but would make the system easy to
crash badly. Otherwise they'd be out of step.