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running gzigzag now on my Mac

I finally got gzigzag running on my Mac. I downloaded MRJ SDK 2.2
http://developer.apple.com/java/  Some of the docs said it would work
with MRJ (Mac OS Runtime for Java ) 2.1, other places said 2.0. I had
2.1.4 and it wouldn't install. So I also installed MRJ 2.2.2. Then it
worked. Thanks to inSECT22 for the help.

I have been waiting many years to run this on my own computer. I've
read most of Ted's writings many times. I had run the earlier zigzag
on someone else's Pentium.

I love the gzigzag interface. It reminds me of my favorite computer
"game" called Continuum. You just float around in a 3-D low-g
environment with floating pads you try to bounce on. Only nearby pads
are visible, so as you float around, new ones are popping into view.
Very dreamlike.

I think once this is running on the Internet, it will be hard to get
anyone to go back to a "flat" browser. I am also looking forward to
the day when I don't have to spend half my time on the computer
managing files, directories, paths, etc.

Great work everyone.

To design the new structures of writing for screens is a profound
issue of literary structure.  It is important to provide the best
literary structure that we can, for hypertext, as the literature of
tomorrow, determines in part the new structure of civilization.
Civilization is in large part about, and around, what is written. 
This is what we call literature. Literature is an endless river,
connected, like water, in all directions.  Document connections go
forward and backward in time, and sideways between documents. 
Scholarship and fiction, political speeches and criticism,
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