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Dear Tuomas, Vesa, AJ and Tuukka:

Last night I tried the 08.19 version of GzigZag, converting my biggest
 dataset with Tuomas' help.  For some reason it crashed the first time--
 but after that I ran it about HALF AN HOUR before it crashed-- on
 the headcell bug you already know about.

I consider this an incredible triumph.  I had hoped we could get to this
 level of robustness by the time we leave two weeks from now-- hey,
 it's almost USABLE!

And not only are the things we showed to Sonera great, but the NEW
 stuff-- Tuomas' new floating headcell raster, and the four new ops he
 put in just last night-- put it over the top.

The various delights of ZigZag appear to be, not reaching some reasonable
 stopping place, but ACCELERATING!

Add to the above my own levels of amusement, occasional glee and
 excusable gloating, and I am One Happy Camper.

So I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations-- to Tuomas, Heikki
 from last March, Vesa, and now AJ and Tuukka; to Benjamin and
 Marc-Jason Dominus (not forgotten!) for their code; to Andrew for
 the incredible prototype that made the idea perform; to Ed for the all the
 clever diplomacy in high and low places; to Pekka for his great insight and
 support of a project many still cannot comprehend; and most especially,
 to my lovely Marlene for making this all possible.

Guys, this is really something.

All best, Ted

Theodor Holm Nelson              
Project Professor, Keio University SFC Campus, Fujisawa, Japan
Visiting Professor, University of Southampton, England
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 ?  http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~ted/    ?  http://www.xanadu.net
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