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Re: [zzdev] versioning & cell copying

Ok, I'll try to reply in detail later, but some small points:

1. timestamp <-> sequence stamp: I'd rather have abstract sequence stamps
which are somewhere associated with times. This would take care of the
system clock problem.

2. cell-version and content-version: two things: 1. these are easy to
provide as well as something that Ted wants - they make no penalty nunless
you use them. 2. making the operation "jump to previous version" is easy
using these: you go through al the shown cells an see whose previous  
cell-version is the latest. This steps nicely through a group of cells
(the view will change).

3. custom dimension vs custom view: if possible, a custom dimension is
preferable because you can use that with any view but custom view is the
only view like that.

4. version-alt and headcells: I think that a tree with d.version and
d.version-clone could be useful - I may not have understood exactly what
you meant.

5. I don't understand the non-conflict thing. We definitely do want cell
exchange, and the versioning id and that seem to be related. However,
isn't the usua mechanism for sending a cluster of cells making a slice out
of it?