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Re: [zzdev] Raster-specific keybindings

Andrew Pam wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 05:14:20PM +0200, Benjamin Fallenstein wrote:
> > In the structparams for a raster, create a new param "databindings" or
> > "ctrlbindings." (That way, you can have different bindings when the
> > raster is selected in the left or in the right view.)
> Careful!  ZZ is designed so that there is no limit on the number of views -
> we just start with two initially to show that more than one is possible
> (and because two are immediately useful).  Don't limit yourself to two views.

Our current system allows binding two views together, so that key
presses in both views are processed in the same way. Setting
databindings and ctrlbindings for a raster shown in one of the views
affects the keybindings in these two views; other views, either
standalone or paired with even another view, are independent of that. If
they show the same raster, of course, they have the same raster-specific keybindings.

Do you think this is the wrong way to do it?

- Benja