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Re: Prez stuff

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> > Tuomas, do you have time to give a short explanation of how the prez
> > module is going to work (what it will be able to do, and how the data
> > will be stored -- roughly)?
> Corner lists on d.1-d.2, and connections for cross references on d.3
> I'm considering changing it a lot to accommodate freer lists (nested
> points etc).
> Basically, the goal is "more than powerpoint". Not in quantity but
> quality.
> > I'm looking forward to using it, and wondering if I can make it
> > scriptable with my applitude.
> How?

Well, there are two things I would often like in PP: custom animations,
and more sophisticated, interaction with a user (the most simple being
custom reactions to clicks on something). I'm not sure about all that
could work with Prez, and I don't have designs hammered out; I'll just
look at it when it's finished and see if I get any ideas from looking at
it. That works often enough. :)

- Benja