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A plan: Geek Clang


I was assigned the task of developing Clang.  My plan is as follows:

I will build several orthogonal prototypes of Clang named after Greek
philosophers.  I except that none of them will be the ultimately chosen
Clang design, but I hope that these ventures into the design space
will give us experience and ideas that help in the ultimate design.
These versions are parallel to each other, and separate from the current
prototype Clang.  I will develop them as GZZ modules.

The Greek Clang will have minimal implementations mainly allowing testing
of the design ideas.

My first design will be called Thales Clang, after Thales of Miletus
(624-547) who was arguably one of the founders of modern mathematics.
The basic idea of the design is namelessness for everything,
weak typing, and a procedural/functional framework for abstraction.
After implementation, Thales Clang should be powerful enough to express
anything that is computable.  (I will of course implement primitives for 
manipulating ZZ space.)

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