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Re: [zzdev] Raster-specific keybindings

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Benjamin Fallenstein wrote:
> WOW. This was easy.
> I've just put raster-specific keybindings in. They work in the following
> (I think quite elegant) way:

Would you care to explain it (preferably with diagrams) in Spec/ as well?
> In the structparams for a raster, create a new param "databindings" or
> "ctrlbindings." (That way, you can have different bindings when the
> raster is selected in the left or in the right view.)

That's clever move #1

> Clone a bindings mode you want to modify for this raster.
> Connect the clone to the bindings structparam on d.1, and hang a
> bindings list from it.

Excellent. But using the same bindings for two modes -- no, wait -
I've got it: connect the two clones both on d.1 *and* d.2. Brilliant.

> ZZKeyBindings1 will search for an intersection between structparam and
> bindings mode cell on d.1 / d.clone. Thus, there's no string-based
> matching or anything; you can change the name of the mode and the link
> will still work.

Hmm, how efficient is that? How does it scale with growing number of
rasters? It need not be the *Most* efficient part since it's only done
once per keystroke.

> And I designed & hacked this in only one hour. I cannot help wondering
> if there couldn't be a better interface for rastering that would make
> something similar possible instead of the hours and hours of hacking
> that went in my (still buggy & somewhat unfinished) level raster.

The problem is that rasters are an order of magnitude mo complicated. But
no doubt they could be done better; we'll probably learn by doing. We just
need to try to think of what abstactions would work when writing these.