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To loop or not to loop?

The space master dimension list runs along d.2. This list should be the
one of the two DimLists, right? And the other one should contain only
clone cells from this list.

You're not going to like this unless the master list is looped like the
present DimLists. But I see no rationale to loop it, because it's a
simple plain good-old list. 

I hope you now understand what I mean with the "duality" of the lists:
you can look at them as loops or non-loops. Only the entity using the
list will know if it wants a loop or a non-loop. I guess there could be
a situation when it would mean something to have it as a loop or not.
Could you give me an example? Or I'll give you one: We have a list of
commands to execute. If it loops it's a loop, if not, it returns at the
end. Here it would be clearer to have a special "loop" command to return
to headcell. Better examples?

As I changed master list to be a corner list I saw how ugly the code
really becomes using these. Without some good higher level
abstractions, it isn't going to work. We introduce two special cases:
the list can initially be empty, and we might have to insert to the
beginning (the "corner") of the list.


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