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Re: [zzdev] Raster renaming

> I had to check a dictionary to be sure "raster" is not a right name for
> every raster - after all, English isn't my native language. But
> 'visualization' is quite a long word, and it if something is a word
> with wide meaning; every time we make something visual it's
> visualization, right? 
> 'Projection' is a word that describes the operation more accurately - we
> project the multidimensional space to three or two dimensions, also, we 
> "display outwardly especially to an audience." (Webster)
> Another, not so fancy, choise is derived from the fact that we have
> several views that take their visualization type from a predefined set
> of these types. The items in the set are the different 'view types'
> availabe.

All those words have lots of syllables but we are going to need them 

How about Vizn? Or just view? View has the problem that a window is a
view as well - an instance, rather than the class.

Ted, what's your stand?