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Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> Oh, and this new file didn't make it into your patch, apparently. cvs diff
> only diffs files in if you've done "cvs add" on them and even then you
> must use a special option.
> How I wait for the day when these troubles are behind us, and ZZ takes
> care of all this ;) ;)

Well, once we have editing client/server and a storage supporting
versioning, that's not so far off, is it? (Not that these two would be
trivial, but if you consider the benefits for gZZ development, they're
worth paying some thought.) By the way, versioning is *the* way to debug
cellular programs -- just think of the possibilities! ;) CLang should
always use the abstract ZZCursor, not ZZCursorVirtual, so that you can
switch into debugging mode (requiring structural cursors) easily.

By the way, has anyone paid real attention to the problems of versioning
in ZigZag? I mean, if you don't have some form of local versioning
(traversing only the changes of a cluster or clump of cells), you're
lost... on the other hand, a good versioning system could be the
backbone for copying cells (as opposed to cloning them, where changes to
one clone change the other clone), with being able to track the copying
back and intercompare versions; also of global ZZ cell exchange, where
one person receives cells from another person and changes them, and the
connection to the originating space is still kept; and different
versions can be merged under the user's control, so that applitudes can
be upgraded with custom additions being kept. Although it seems slicing
is supposed to to that job. -- So, are there versioning specs or something?