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Re: [zzdev] :zz,c.rel: ReRe Units and structures, more (was Re: [zzdev] Abigsuggestion

Ted Nelson schrieb:
> Hi Benjamin--
> I think we have very different philosophies, life agendas and
>  computer religions.  (I wish I had time to write my planned book
>  of that title.)  Nor do I have time to explain why I don't like object-
>  oriented design or object closure.

I'm quite certain you're right on the philosophies and life agendas, but
I'm not quite as sure about the computer religions. There must be a
pretty big overlap, because ZigZag and your other designs have so much I
wished for before I knew them. But I think we're both unable because of
time and communication constraints to work out the exact border where I
want something different than you; and that there are differences, there
is no doubt. You don't see problems where I see them, problems so big
that they make me accepting trade-offs in other places.

> Since this is LGPL open source, you're welcome to vary it
>  any way you like.

I will do my own extensions of ZZ for certain, and when they're finished
we may want to talk about them again. Or not.I hope to be able to help
out at the points where our ideas of virtuality design overlap, though;
and I hope that I will be able to contribute there even when our ideas
diverge in other areas.

> My design represents my own religious principles.  Religion is beyond
>  argument; the best outcome is to understand each other cordially.

I agree.

- Benja