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Re: [zzdev] zob2java problems on Mac

> zob2java doesn't work for me on the Mac -- I suspect it's something
> platform-specific, like the different newline format -- but I can't
> debug it, because my Perl knowledge isn't good enough. I managed to work
> around the most trivial problem, not being able to enter command line
> parameters, by inserting the following at the top of the file:

It sure sounds like the newline thing.

> > Trying to convert zob VStreamRaster:
> > # No get for 'protected', <> chunk 232.
> > File 'zob2java.pl'; Line 153
> > 
> > Trying to convert zob VanishingRaster:
> > # Invalid param: (float)0.9, (float)0.9};, <> chunk 309.
> > File 'zob2java.pl'; Line 137
> Not too exciting, eh? Any ideas what I can do?

I'm away from my computer right now (writing this on a public text-only
terminal) so I can't check the source easily. But the very heart of the
problem is the regular expression that matches the structural parameters,
and the regular expressions before that which remove the comments.

Hmm, maybe tr/\x0d\x0a/\n\n/g
before it could help, simply translating everything to newlines before
matching that RE.

I can look at this in more detail in a few hours when I get home.