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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Killer Apps (was How ?

On 21 Jul, inSECT22 wrote:
> (since i couldnt get the ZZmbox example to execute) 

You can try ZZMBox module: create a cell containing the file name of
your mbox file. Point to it with right cursor. With left cursor, go to
Actions -> TestCloud.TESTWIN -> ZZMbox.READMBOX and press enter.

It should create a structure based on the mail, accessible from cell
containing "s1" along d.handle.

> thoughts about organisation inside (g)zz. -raises a few questions, 
> especially with regard to many<->one linking which would be common for
> email (as i see it) and probably leaves just as many unasked as
> unanswered .,. 

I think I addressed some issues with one-to-many relations on this list
earlier (Subject: ZZ-space and using its dimensions)(ref. make clones,
use corner lists or headcells, adjecency matrices for many-to-many
relations, like d.cursor and c.cursor-cargo). These things are essential
to get right, and I haven't seen these issues considered enough on 
exact and practical levels.


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