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Zigzag presentation & BOF session tomorrow

For anyone in the Bay Area or attending the O'Reilly Open Source
Conference in Monterey, I will be giving a Zigzag presentation and Birds
of a Feather session at 8pm tomorrow night - see the BOF board near the
O'Reilly bookstore table.


"Zigzag: The Straight Story"                                                    
Theodor H. Nelson, Thomas J. Lukka and Andrew Pam                               

ZigZag is a new structural model for all information and processes
based on multidimensional lists with multiple views and cursors.
Some describe it as a generalization of the spreadsheet, others see it
as an alternative to object-oriented programming and XML.

There are presently two implementations of Zigzag, both developed on
Linux but available cross-platform, the original prototype in Perl
and the gZigzag project (hosted at Sourceforge) in Java.  Both will
be discussed and demonstrated together with the history and goals of
the project.


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