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Vesa proposed the use of gl4java for advanced rendering (e.g.
alpha-blending of beams). I've looked at it and it seems fine.

But the big question is: how to structure this interaction; if we are
going to see more and more graphics APIs, shall we keep adding them to the
flob classes themselves? That *would* be the natural place, especially if
fallback to the render(Graphics g,...) can be used for those flobs not yet
implementing rendering in a particular system.

The only problem there is that then compilation will *always* require the
gl4java jar to be present. It will not require a working gl4java system
with libraries, just the compile-time info.

Is this, in your opinion, too much? I'm thinking it might not be; we can
even include gl4java.jar in our distribution (it's also under LGPL) for

This needs to be settled quickly since alpha-blended beams would be a good
next goal...