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Re: :zz: Could we make a General Updater for ZZdata?

Ted Nelson wrote:
> This problem of having to pull cell structures forward
>  with every new version is very daunting.
> I have hundreds of datasets already, each locked to
>  a specific version.

Hang on, when did we last change the cell structure?  Not for

Hav you tried using the min different versions?
> So might this be possible? as follows--
> A general update program, such that
> - It accepts any old ZZ format
> - It converts to the latest format (leaving prev. for safety)
> - (Optional, might be useful for understanding how things were--)
>  it downdates to some previous format as specified?


Not unless we change the format again so it somehow encodes its version
into the dataset.  Otherwise how do we know what we're converting FROM?


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