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Re: [zzdev] :zz: HotZiggity boot floppy can't just be copied, I don't think

On Thu, Jul 23, 1998 at 08:08:17AM +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
> dp (Andrew plz verify)
> Note that I believe that each ZZ boot disk
>  must be made using the same procedure,
>  they can't just be copied.
> *Unless* you have a track-by-track copy program.
>  Which I think you said we do.

That's correct.  You can copy the diskettes with any "disk copying"
program, but not with, say, the DOS "copy" command since there is no
DOS filesystem.  Alternatively, you can use RAWRITE (or "dd" under any
Unix) to make additional copies of the disk from the disk image file.

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