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:zz: Fast way to get democells into next release?

Andrew and Bek,

I'm very anxious to get a cloud of demo cells
 into the next release.

They are currently on Dumbo my laptop Vaio,
 which has as yet no network connection via
 the Linux side.

So my thought is this: I could just make a floppy
 off Dumbo, then stick it in Happydoodle!

Then either of you (I ASSUME Bek has a
 Happydoodle account!) can mount it and
 read it.  Neh?

Naturally I'm hoping we'll get zzdump, slices etc.
 all working one of these days, but in the meantime
 this might be quickest, since I leave for the States
 in six days.

What thinken Sie?


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