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:zz: Eager to discuss Slice methods

Bek (& All):

I'm sure it was rather daunting, but I'd like to discuss
 Slices as soon as possible.  Slices are the next
 major thing.  Slices will make this thing generally usable.

Slices will be the principal export and import mechanism. 
 There needs to be a way of getting things in & out
 which stay connected.

And retain their cell-by-cell identity of origin.

The first slice mechanism can be much simpler.
 The rank input and output mechanism Andrew's
 implemented is still too hard, and I haven't got it
 working yet.

I think it will be especially important to move
 slices in and out via flash card, since laptops
 are going to be central.

(And I guess I better get a PCM/CIA reader for
 my desktop machine.)


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