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Re: :zz: Easy: definition of "mark" ops, d.mark & d.list

Dear Bek:

>And Xanni, how on EARTH would I keep the d.marklist lists working?

I'm not quite clear what problem you see
 that is greater than any other problem with the system.

The idea is that bunches of things can be marked,
 and each bunch has a separate list on d.marklist
 (maybe it should be d.listmarks?)-- so that a cell
 can be marked variously in different bunches.

This list can be used for various things.  When
 some operation is to be performed on the listed cells,
 they might end up being no longer listed (though
 that's not a requirement).

Best, Ted

At 04:12 PM 6/21/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Ted Nelson wrote:
>> m, M => extends a cursorlike cell in d.mark.
>>  By default, it will contain the characters "m.1"
>>  for the first marked sequence.
>> Each time this is done, such a cell will be extended
>>  in d.mark from the marked cell.  
>> (Presumably these are clones.)
>> Meanwhile, all these cells containing "m.1"
>>  will be put on a list in d.marklist.
>Clones of what?
>And Xanni, how on EARTH would I keep the d.marklist lists working?
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