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Re: :zz: Problems with HZ1 instructions

On Tue, Jun 23, 1998 at 04:39:14AM +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
> It was by no means clear that the next thing to do
>  was read "zzdisk.doc".

OK, I've renamed it to "README".

> And the instructions given there are incorrect.
> The third line is incorrect.  
>  Typing "zzdisk" is unacceptable.
>  It wants the PATHNAME.

You're right.  I've clarified the instructions as follows:

Installation instructions

Prepare a blank formatted floppy disk and insert it in drive A.
At a DOS command prompt:
  Change to the directory containing the zzdemo files.
  Execute the "rawrite" command.
  When asked to "enter disk image source file name", type "zzdisk".
  When asked to "enter target diskette drive", type "a:".
Alternatively, from Windows:
  Start the "rawrite.exe" program.
  When asked to "enter disk image source file name", type the full
    drive and path name of the "zzdisk" file.
  When asked to "enter target diskette drive", type "a:".

Once the disk has been created, leave it in the drive and reboot.
Your computer should boot from the diskette, load Linux, and start ZigZag.
The version of Linux provided with this demo does not include hard disk
device drivers and thus should not be able to affect your hard disk in
any way, however of course we cannot provide any legal warranties.

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