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Ted Nelson wrote:
> One of the things we need soon is the "mark" function and its
> lists.

In the absence of anything more urgent, as far as I know, this seems to
be the next logical project.

Ted, Andrew, any objections?  I can  easily shift to another project if
you prefer.
> m, M => extends a cursorlike cell in d.mark.  By default, it will
> Now for the fun keystrokes:
> m, M + arrow: Mark whole half-rank.  (If cursor
>  is at end, marks whole rank.)
> m, M (arrow)(opposite-arrow): Marks whole rank.

Can't do this :(  ZigZag doesn't know if you  want to press just 'M' to mark
one cell, then move left, or you want to press 'M' then "left" to mark half
the rank.  See?  How about:

m - Mark current cell
M + direction - Mark half-rank
Alt-M - Mark whole rank


> Note that any consecutive marking operations continue
>  to mark into same marklist.  (Cursor moves do not
>  end the marklist.)  But hop, break, newcell, edit, etc.,
>  all end the marking of that list.

This is possible, but a -pain- to implement.  I can do it though :)


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