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:zz: How to output a slice (2)

(since we presently don't define a Negend
 for loop ranks (but we will), we left out the
 looping ranks in each dimension.  They're still marked.

So after we've done all the straight ranks
 in d.1 (not looped), we go for the loop ranks.


Go to any m.d.1 cell that's left.  Find the cell it's marking.
 Put its cell number in the mark cell, e.g.

Now go posward from it and repeat, checking
 that we haven't gotten back to one with a
 cell number yet.

When we get to m.d.1-723, we've completed a loop.

Arbitrarily we now output that loop as a rank.
 (I may not have included a format for that.)

- - - - -
Now do it again till no m.d.1 mark cells are left.

Now do it for m.d.2, etc.

Cheers, T

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