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:zz, spi: Lisplike slice representation (eg for output) / Needs d.Mark

Hi all--

I think a very simple slice representation-- indeed,
 for simply outputting a cell-- would use a Lispish

The annoying thing about computer languages has
 always been that the wonks want you to name things
 that should not have to be named!  Like casual strings.

Or, in ZigZag, having to name ranks for output-- a very
 stupid kind of thing to avoid.

So here's a very simple representation.

Suppose the structure is
A B C (meaning A, B, C are connected along d1)
 / (meaning A is connected to D along d2)
and in dimension 3, EAH.

We create a rank that enumerates all the ranks,
 enumerating them one dimension at a time.

The notation could be like:

(slice s.Home@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx time=[Unix time]
(d.1 A B C)
(d.1 D E F G)
(d.2 A D H I)
(d.3 E A H)

As a practical matter, this requires a method of
 scanning all the cells to find the ranks they're in,
 and that could be time-consuming, but
 every time you find that a cell is connected on a given dimension
 you can mark it as being taken care of for that dimension.

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