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To Do List

I've got to a point where I'm no longer quite sure what should be done
next with ZigZag.  I need both Andrew and Ted to take a look at this
list and tell me which they'd like next ... then I'll add them up and
divide by two and make up my own mind.  Sound OK?

PS Andrew:  I need to get paid in fairly  short order as I bought the
new computer screen with money I don't really have ...

To Do list

NB:  This is currently in alphabetical order - NOT in order of
importance or urgency.

* Add dimension which links all cells?  Or change to btree implementation?
* Check for people deleting any of the essential dimensions
* Check for people deleting the cursor (This will need to be modified if we allow more cursors?)
* Database should be  flushed after every n operations and before invoking an external program
* Execute-cell to use #! notation?  (Xanni?  Ted's gonna hate this, isn't he?) (NB:  This won't work for windoze unless we parse it ourselves, I suspect?)
* Fix perl Curses window resize bug
* Implement "E view"
* Implement "floating head cells" (negmost cell remains at edge of window)
* Implement HTTP server interface which provides HTML representation
* Implement assemble (join together cells in a rank) and split cell into rank
* Implement colour for dimensions
* Implement create & delete cursor (window)
* Implement export and import with cell connections
* Implement export marked cells to Table or Outline format (probably HTML)
* Implement general multiple key sequences
* Implement general undo
* Implement mark
* Implement multiple slices
* Implement rename and delete dimension (all links)
* Implement separate dimension lists (different sequences) for each window
* Implement separate dump-to-ascii and undump-from-ascii programs so the database can be preserved accross DB-breaking upgrades
* Implement shear and chug
* Implement undelete (save links when deleting, dispose after other changes)
* Implement variable sized cell presentation
* MIME Type application/x-zigzag
* Move keymap into cells
* Move program code into cells (initialisation progcells with sub defs)
* Port to Perl32 (using Win32::Console module?)
* Put errors from cell execution in another cell linked along Error dim
* Redesign to   lessen the number of "magic"/hardcoded links and cell numbers
* Status bar should be optional
* There are timing problems with the status bar messages (Suggestion:  Deal with this like Lynx, sleep for n seconds after an error, then clear the status bar again?)
* Write database checking and repair utility
* ^L and ^R should refresh screen

* This stuff will be done when the whole thing is re-written in
object-oriented style becuase it's easy to do together with that and
hard to do without it.
   o Implement cell creation date as property (later add modified and visited?)
   o Implement cell type as property
   o Implement naming cells (aliasing)
   o Implement other media types besides text

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