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:zz: Possible Developer Lgs Part 3

Further thoughts (half hour after first note):

1. Scheme is aesthetically and morally desirable,
 but politically suicidal as a first choice.
 We must make it as easy as possible for
 programmers and wannabe programmers
 to get on board.

2.  "Pseudocode" might also be suicidal,
 *even though* adding our own libraries
 to C or Java is almost equivalent.  (Am I
 right about that?)  It's the psychology of it.
 "C" and "Java" SEEM generic.

3.  Possibly the best would be to hook up
 with somebody like Metroworks, makers
 of cross-language compilers.  That way
 a certain amount of convertibility would
 come with the selection of any language
 (this is a question phrased as a sentence, 
 i.e. Yez guys think?)

 As I envision it, a Metroworks suite
 could be set up to compile cells written
 in C, Pascal, Java and maybe others
 declarative languages (though I don't
 think they do Lisp or Scheme).

 (It helps that the president of Metroworks
 Japan is already a ZigZag enthusiast. 
 But that doesn't mean we have to
 hook up with their system.)


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