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GZigZag 0.6.0 has been released

GZigZag 0.6.0 has been released.

This is a new major release.  It starts a new stable series, 0.6,
and supersedes previous releases.  We are confident that most users
will be able to upgrade painlessly to the 0.6 series.  We recommend that all
users of GZigZag use a stable version.

NOTE: This version no longer supports the old storage format "persistent
dimspace".  Its use was deprecated with the 0.3.0 release and new spaces
created since are most likely in the new "cachedimspace" format.  For
instructions on converting old format spaces to the new format, see
http://www.xanadu.com.au/mail/zzdev/msg01041.html .  If that does not work,
please contact me.

The following noteworthy new features have been added:

- A preliminary ZigZag Transfer Protocol (ZTP) implementation
- space dump and slurp functionality (for disaster recovery
  and format conversions)
- accessing past versions of the space
- a panic button
- demo module: associative writing tool - a multilayered concept map
- a -help option to the command line
- a multiline cell view
- support for cell-view specific bindings: when a cell view is associated
  with a cell in the structure (per d.cellview connection), in the cell
  edit mode bindings associated with that cellview can be used (so that
  content which isn't plain text can be edited easily)

The following features have been improved:
- the user's guide
- the multimedia module
- the virtual community module
- sound support
- view infrastructure

The following notable bug fixes have been made:
- the new UTF-8-based string scroll format actually works now
- umlauts aren't doubled (don't appear twice when entered only once)

Download instructions are at http://www.gzigzag.org/download.html . This
release will also soon be available as part of Debian GNU/Linux (sid and

If you happen to find a bug in GZigZag, please report it.  You can find
instructions at http://www.gzigzag.org/bugs.html .

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