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seems i ve fuct my .zz file again .. ;)
very strange stuff is going on ..
seems to come from me quitting out of X-win without C-X'ing out of zz
before (anyhow, i do it always, thou this time it dodnt work out) ..
when i wanted to start, it complained about #R-Ins no there ..,
zzdum+undump dint really help, neither zzfix, so i went and merged a fresh
+ empty zigzag.zz with my real + broken datafile, this srt of worked, but
of course heaps of the links are wrong now.
what disturbs me most is  that in some cells i ve got links in 1 direction
only ..
well anyhow, nevermind, i m fixing it manually now, besides pondering
hourly backup cronscripts, still, pretty annoying. ;)


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