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started hackin on zigzag/Zigzag.pm recently .. 
along with and before that, quite a few things came up, which i ll start
to hammer out here ..

-mail caps for zz. compose + send mail, via arranging email/subject/body
cells and on the fly editing .., and also, transfer this whole mailfolder
business int zz. (convert-unix-mailbox-fmt-2-zz.pl?) but further have this
done on mail-delivery directly ..

(-how big can the datafile grow max to still operate nicely ..? ;)

-what i ve really started doing now, is executing a cell's content as a
shellcommand, what i want further is linking text+commands and have it
interpreted as piped programs/txt on stdin+out constructions, the output
appended as a new cell in specified direction sort of thing.
any comments on that? (basically i think i d see a few possible ways of
doing it, but i guess you ve thought about such stuff already to some

(-the multiple views thing(i.e. more than one data window .. ))

(-adding d.mime,  to invoke different editors depending on
mimelink of cell content?)

-how about license + stuff if i d want to distribute a zz datafile (along
with the program?) on a cd-r?

so much 4 now.

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