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zizl #2

hm, also, dont you think it would be smarter to integrate the ZigZag
module with existing webserve platforms ..? apache/php/eperl/servlets ..

of course i see the advantages of simplicity with the current approach ..
with the idea of zigzag as a "standalone system" on a bootdisk ..

another thing:
thought it might be worth and package zigzag for the debian linux
distribution? what do you think, what would be the license issues?
as is ee it, zz is shareware, but effectively for free download ..

yet another thing:
ted: wondering wether you were really coming to vienna for scope
conference. i might have the chance to go there and get in for free, ..
maybe hook up  ...

ok, thats it ..
zigzag = all.top <-> keep it up!  ;))