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Zigzag v0.68 released, new boot disk!

Zigzag v0.68 has now been released together with a new demo boot disk
incorporating Linux kernel 2.2.3 and Zigzag v0.68.  The linux kernel
on the new boot disk has now been compiled with floating point math
emulation so it will run on anything from a 386 up, but be warned that
performance is rather sluggish on old 386-based systems.

The files are available at http://www.xanadu.net/zigzag/ and
http://www.xanadu.com.au/zigzag/ as usual.

Changes in Zigzag v0.68:
* Recycle pile is now a circular queue.  Cells in the recycle pile
  will be reused when new cells are required, oldest first.
  Completely fresh cells will now only be created once the recycle
  pile is empty.
* Zigzag can now automatically detect data files from previous versions,
  and makes any necessary changes to the structure (including renaming
  dimensions and all the connections in those dimensions) to make the
  data files work correctly with the latest version of Zigzag.
* Attempting to delete cells or dimensions essential to the correct
  functioning of the system is now prevented with an error message.
* The usual minor corrections and improvements.

Share and enjoy,
		*** Xanni ***
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