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:zz: Charlie Harris, as I live and breathe!


I'd like to introduce my very-long-term friend and college
 roommate Charlie, who I didn't expect to see turn up here.

The author of the famous line
"A man without faith is like a fish without a bicycle."
 (This was later coopted by the woman's movement.)
And husband of author-of-the-hour Judith Rich Harris,
 whose surprise views are shocking the psych. establishment.
 (See the fascinating page listed at the bottom.)

Best, T

At 01:00 AM 12/6/98 -0400, you wrote:
>On another mailing list, niteowl@slumberland, they've been
>debating whether to add a distinctive prefix to their Subject 
>lines, to make filtering and filing easier.  I just sent them
>the following comment:
>Meg F wrote:
>> If a prefix is added, then how about 'ZZ'?  ;-)
>   First I chuckled.
>   Then I thought "Great idea!"
>   Then I thought "Uh oh, not ZZ!" because another mailing list that
>I'm on deals with software called Zigzag, and I know they use a
>Subject line prefix.
>   When I checked, though, I found that the Zigzag list doesn't use ZZ.
>Their official prefix is "[zigzag]".  However some of the individual
>contributors also use their own prefix, such as ":zz:".
>   This leads to Subject lines like:
>       Subject: [zigzag] Re: [zigzag] :zz: Re: [zigzag]
>           Re: [zigzag] :zz: Childhood influence on ZZ?       :-)
>     --Charles Harris        xchar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>       webmaster, The Nurture Assumption home page:
>                  http://home.att.net/~xchar/tna/
>P.S.: Normally I wouldn't be sending email this early in the night
>(only a little past midnight).  See the "Last updated" time on the 
>web page above for a more representative indication of my active hours.
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