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Re: [zigzag] all caps (was: Re: [zigzag] Re: :zz: Joystix)

>>     True, but BENSHALOM's message is an instance where all caps *do*
serve a legitimate function:  conveying that the writer is (albeit 
in this case unjustifiably) irate. <<

Ok you guys. Enough's too much. Signal-to-noise and all that.

Since I've put in my two bits' worth, I will fill in the rest of the page
with a little joke.

A man was driving in the country, and had to use the bathroom. Finally, he
found a house, and knocked on the door. "Excuse me, but I am desperate. May
I use your facilities?"

"Yes, of course, just up the stairs..."

About a week went by. The man was talking to a friend who was about to make
a trip through the same region. He said, "You won't believe this, but there
is a house out there where they have a golden toilet."

"No. Golden? I have to see this," said the friend, and he took the address.

He stopped at the house in the country, and knocked at the door. "I'm sorry
to disturb you, madam, but I'm told you have a golden toilet?"

The woman looked at him a moment, and then called back over her shoulder:
"Arnold, there's a man here what says he knows the jerk that pooped in your