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Re: Jump Cursor exists (was Re: [zigzag] Re: Okay, I've figured out

> Sez M-J D.:
> >For example, you might like to have a function called
> >`cursor_jump' which you could use to jump the cursor to any specified
> >cell, but there isn't any such function in the current Zigzag.
> Name of cell followed by G (left) or g (right).

The function invoked by `g' and `G' is not suitable for writing
programs, because it is not designed properly for that.  It should
accept a programmatic argument which identifies the cell to jump to;
but instead it examines the contents of the input buffer and jumps to
the cell it finds identified there, or to cell 0 if the buffer is
empty.  There is no useful way to use this function to jump to a
particular cell.

One of my patches addresses this problem by making `cursor_jump' more
generic, and changing the name of the old function to