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Re: [zigzag] Zigzag v.055 released, zzdemo upgraded

Many Xana.. Xana... (Xanaduians? Xanaduese? Xannites?) Xanadu people may be
unaware of the early history of development. I've read here about some of
the books, Computer Lib and so on (are these vaulable now? But no: I
wouldn't part with them for love or money). But in the deep abcesses of my
mind somewhere, occasional snatches of music float to the top. 

This phrase has haunted me since 1957 (Making allowances for anomalies in
my personal brain):

  I just feel like being in love, anything will do.
  But I just need a gentle shove, to fall in love with you."

Can anybody name the author of these immortal lines? Here are some more, I
think from the same song:

  For Desdemona and Alexus
  The scene of confexus
  Is the solar plexus.

Sorry I can't render the music. It, like the rest of early Xanadological
history, was way ahead of its time.