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Re: [zigzag] Help: Zigzag needs DB_File.pm (not part of perl5.00404 installation)...

On Fri, Oct 16, 1998 at 10:17:08AM -0400, David C. Roberts wrote:
> I need some help getting zigzag to run.  I have perl 5.00404 installed
> on a Sun Sparc 2 running Solaris 2.5, and a module DB_File.pm needed by
> zigzag is not present on my system. Is there a substitute? Thanks!

Perhaps perl on your system was configured without DB support.  You should
obtain DB (which is free) and install it, then recompile perl with DB support.

From "man DB_File":

       DB_File comes with the standard Perl source distribution.
       Look in the directory ext/DB_File.

       This version of DB_File will only work with version 1.x of
       Berkeley DB. It is not yet compatible with version 2.

       Version 1 of Berkeley DB is available at your nearest CPAN
       archive (see the section on CPAN in the perlmod manpage
       for a list) in src/misc/db.1.85.tar.gz, or via the host
       ftp.cs.berkeley.edu in /ucb/4bsd/db.tar.gz.
       Alternatively, check out the Berkeley DB home page at
       http://www.bostic.com/db. It is not under the GPL.

       If you are running IRIX, then get Berkeley DB from
       http://reality.sgi.com/ariel. It has the patches necessary
       to compile properly on IRIX 5.3.

       As of January 1997, version 1.86 of Berkeley DB is
       available from the Berkeley DB home page. Although this
       release does fix a number of bugs that were present in
       1.85 you should be aware of the following information
       (taken from the Berkeley DB home page) before you consider
       using it:

           DB version 1.86 includes a new implementation of the hash access
           method that fixes a variety of hashing problems found in DB version
           1.85. We are making it available as an interim solution until DB
           2.0 is available.

           PLEASE NOTE: the underlying file format for the hash access method
           changed between version 1.85 and version 1.86, so you will have to
           dump and reload all of your databases to convert from version 1.85
           to version 1.86. If you do not absolutely require the fixes from
           version 1.86, we strongly urge you to wait until DB 2.0 is released
           before upgrading from 1.85.

Also, see http://www.sleepycat.com/ which is now the official website for DB.

You could also use any one of the DBM compatible databases that you may
already have installed:  ndbm (new dbm - often provided with your OS),
gdbm (GNU dbm - free), sdbm (comes with Perl), or odbm.  See "man AnyDBM"
for comparisons.  Note that sdbm and odbm are slow and have a limit of 1K
per cell; ndbm has a limit of 4K per cell.  Just change every occurrence
of "DB_File" to "NDBM_File" (for example).  However, Berkely DB is the best.

Hope that helps,
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