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Re: [zigzag] Newbe Alert! msg

On Thu, Sep 24, 1998 at 05:27:05PM -0400, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> ZZlisters:
> can I get zigzag for my mac yet?  I have read a little about it; I don't
> know Unix or Linux. If not, I'll just keep waiting. 

Zigzag requires perl v5, which is available for the Mac.  Unfortunately
the current user interface requires the Curses library, which I believe
is not presently available for MacOS.

There are, however, two versions of Linux available for Mac hardware -
MkLinux (supported by Apple) and LinuxPPC.  Both of these can be set up
in a partition on your Mac hard drive if you have enough free space.
We do plan to develop other user interfaces including a Web interface
which will allow you to view it through any existing web browser.

> I still have my copy of Computer Lib/Dream Machines. :)

Original edition or MS Press?

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