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Re: explanatory vars

About getting ZZ onto the Mac: cross your fingers.
 Andrew is trying to do a Netscape interface
 even as we speak (I hope).

More later

At 01:22 AM 7/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>you're wonderful.
>Thank you for that pleasing vote of confidence, which arrives just at the
>end of yet another fruitless online search for a Mac version of the Curses
>Perl module. Ah well.
>It really would be easier to write the whole of zigzag from scratch than to
>try to kludge it together "quick and dirty" from preexisting coded stuff...
>if (and only if, I suspect) I had just the code module that maintains the
>doubly linked list db.
>Also, FYI, in case you don't know about it, I just found out about
>something potentially interesting that may put all this OS nonsense to
>rest. Take a look at http://www.freedows.org.
>And thou art wonderful oh Nelsonian Being, thou thinker of thoughts that do
>defy and decry all the all-too-hard shapes of soft(?)ware,
> - Laurie
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