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From a note to Ken Knowlton about ZigZag

The object of ZigZag (most grandly generalized)
 is to create an unbiassed, and completely generalized,
 system of structure.

At the interface level (for participating software)--
 - it provides conceptual hooks 
 - it provides nice ways of adding options
 - it provides a default interface (cell and menu breakdown)
 - this is also a default visualization of the components
  of anything

At the operating system level, it could--
 - provide a clear and consistent way of maintaining connections
 - provide a clear and consistent system of visualization
 - provide an easy-to-maintain system of cross-referencing
And break down the unexamined but destructive "file" paradigm 
   (big changing lumps stuck in particular places)
 - handle any discrete information very cleanly 
   (instead of folding them into files)

Finally, my favorite need:
Version management made simple and clear
 (corresponding parts and outlines maintained automatically).

Where to go with it immediately, however, is a
 tactical issue that's not totally clear.

All best, Ted

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