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Re: HotZiggity resets the BIOS ?!?

On Tue, Jun 23, 1998 at 07:00:23PM -0400, Peter Barus wrote:
>> Linux does use the CMOS NVRAM (that's where the Real Time Clock is
   kept!), but we didn't include that code in the HotZiggity demo disk. <<

> If that were already on my computer, would this be a possible culprit? It
> isn't, as far as I know, but gee whiz...

I'm sorry, I'm not following you.  If what were already on your computer?
Code to use the CMOS NVRAM?  Sure, it's in your BIOS and is executed during
boot and when you use the BIOS setup.  I'm theorising that somehow the
code executed during boot screwed things up when interrupted at a bad time.

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