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Re: A possible application of Xanalogical technology


Thanks for the nice overview of the Green and Gold (sounds like a Notre Dame
reunion 8^)

>> Even if out of date, it might be good enough as a teaser.  Also, I wouldn't
>> sell the Chandler folks short "sight unseen".

> I'll try to find time to drop in on them and see what they're doing and
> whether it could relate in any way to Xanadu.  I've read about their project
> before but haven't seen any technical details/architecture. 

Good; visit the site and head for the developer section.  With a message or
two on the dev list, you'll likely find out what the possibilities are.

> I'm not interested in contributing to "secret" projects anymore; Xanadu
> has had too much of that, and is what I think defeated it.  Xanadu is
> today what the WWW would have been if Tim Berners-Lee had kept it under
> wraps and charged for it.  Xanadu will not make anyone rich in the
> traditional corporate/trade-secret/IPO sense, so don't try.  Just share
> the knowledge and enjoy the cool ideas.  Do it for the sake of preserving
> the knowledge of Mankind.

Right; that's the space that Chandler is in.  One of my motivations for
suggesting this is to see if Xanadu's cool ideas can "break out" and make it
in the wider world.

Sharing and enjoying,

Don Dwiggins		     "In a time of drastic change it is the learners who
d.l.dwiggins@xxxxxxxxxxxx     survive; the 'learned' find themselves fully equipped
                              to live in a world that no longer exists."
                               --  Eric Hoffer