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Re: A possible application of Xanalogical technology

Jeff Rush writes:
> It may be difficult to get Nelson's ideas accepted by them as

> a) they probably already have their own ideas/approach

> b) Nelson's ideas are hard to grok, requiring a steep learning curve for
> which they may not have time

> If Nelson's ideas were clearly written up in a nice, hardback book they
> could distribute around their team, it might work, but alas, no such book
> exists.  The ideas are in the C, Smalltalk and X languages, pieces of which
> aren't all found.  Lots of digging... with some cool gems, but not everyone
> has the patience/detail-orientation to be an archaeologist.

Is "Literary Machines" that far out of date?  I confess that my
understanding of Xanadu is pretty much based on that book (which is why I
dubbed myself a "perpetual dilettante"); I haven't done any archaelogy in
any of the code avatars.

Even if out of date, it might be good enough as a teaser.  Also, I wouldn't
sell the Chandler folks short "sight unseen".

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                               -- Jack Cohen, coauthor of "The Collapse of Chaos"