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Re: Request for Some Enlightenment re Ted's Position on Files/Directories

So can you provide me with a link or document to what you proposed in 1998? I'd like to read it and evaluate your ideas; as to who would support it, there are always approaches if the ideas are solid.


Andrew wrote:
On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 05:33 pm, you wrote:

I realize that Ted is quite busy, and that he gets LOTS of silly
questions all the time, but could he spare a moment to set me straight
on one Xanadu issue that I've pondered over the past few years until I
get headaches! ;-)  I just can't see how to operate w/o files/directories.

I proposed a dead simple solution/system back in 1998 -- problem is not with how to build a Xanadu system but who the hell would support it? Fundamentally the carriers who wish to protect their carrier businesses, had to stop computer networking dead in its tracks & so spent billions upon billions to buy the Internet and turn it into a carrier style product, to wit their basic desire is to get as many people to waste as much time as possible on the Internet to justisfy the highest service fees. Result is that a technology like Xanadu which is designed to increase human results / productivity while *reducing* time spent online & network load -- such a technology is directly against the profit interests of the carriers.