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Re: [xanadu] flecks ?????

____Textpert Alert____ wrote:
> On 00-09-02 17:40 -0400 sez Jack Seay:
> > "Flecks" is a shorter word than "nanobucks". Snapier, too.
> > Maybe he's onto something. I think it is marketable. Better
> > than beanz or flooz.
>   Yeah, but what about its etymology, where did it come from?
>   [btw. latest attempt at a viable net.currency is "Mojo",
>   clearly a slang word, see http://www.mojonation.net/ ]

You can read about the word at:


It is a real word, not one made up by Ted Nelson.

>   Nolo contendere to first sentence. As for the second:
>   nowhere and probably staying that way. Don't bet on the
>   third, it's a beautiful, logick idea, but crippled by its
>   requirement of a proprietary network.

Hmmm, I don't see it requiring a proprietary network.  Xanadu in
no way requires the use of the X88 (Green) or X92 (Gold) FEBE
protocol.  Something based on XML-RPC over HTTP would work fine.
Xanadu also works with a common web browser, although only for
read-only access.  It does really require a new browser program
for *effective* writing/editing.  But an HTTP gateway to
xanalogically stored documents is a no-brainer.

>   Maybe, in a couple decades, when the
>   Internet is truly global and mature, the enfiladas have
>   been ironed out, and a new digital-access paradigm shift
>   is approaching, maybe then... but not otherwise.

Enfiladas ironed out?  They work pretty good in Green, and
besides, they were replaced/upgraded to Ents in Gold.  Nothing
called an Enfilade in the Gold sources here.

-Jeff Rush

Udanax-Green work:

Udanax-Purple work:

* Purple is the Gold version being ported from SmallTalk to C++