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Re: Scans of Literary Machines 93.1

I read the first 3 chapters online also, then got the book from
Eastgate. Chapter 4 is especially critical to understanding what
Xanadu is all about. That's where I learned for the first time how it
all works. It would also be nice if the fax files could be converted
to pdf, or something similar. I had a hard time getting the fax
reader downloaded. Of course, Xanadu format would be best.

  djast  said at ÒScans of Literary Machines 93.1Ó.
[Jul/27/2000Thu 03:31]
-Just recently I downloaded and print out the scans of Literary
-Machines 93.1 available on Ted's web-site (at http://
-www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~ted/TN/PUBS/LM/LMpage.html).  I had been trying
-to get a copy of this book for a while, and I really enjoyed reading
-it--but now I'm left hungry for more :-), as only scans of the first
-part of the book are available there, with the other parts (chapters
-four and five, and 'afterchunks') "not currently on line".  I was
-wondering if anyone could tell me the status of these remaining
-parts--are there any plans to scan them in and put them up in the
-near future?


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