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The REAL importance of the Web (was [SA-talk] OT: This quote that describes us....)

"A. Junge" <aspen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in SA-TALK:
>"Dig deeper. Down to the sites that never entertained the hope of Buck
>One.  They owe nobody anything. Not advertisers, not VC producers, not
>you. Put your ear to those tracks and listen to what's coming like a
>freight train.  What you'll hear is the sound of passion unhinged, people
>who have had it up to here with white-bread culture, hooking up to form
>the biggest goddam garage band the world has ever seen." 
>This is from the first chapter of The Cluetrain Manifesto, a book about
>Internet culture and new economies.  The URL is above.  It's worth a read,
>if just to find ourselves described.

Note: SA-Talk is the discussion list for the 'Sith Academy' series of fan
fiction satire, much of which is slash (M/M sex). They are farily tame as
such things go, and are just the tip of the iceberg. The digital
undergound, such as it is, is enormous, and it is what we *really* need to
defend. Why? Because, even with Xerox and scanning and such, self-pub is
too hard for many who need an outlet. The Net is cheap, and flexible in a
way print cannot be. It has become a haven for every fringe group that the
GOV'T Greyfaces and Pinkboy suburbanites (er, like I'm one to talk) want to
suppress. With mass media in the hands a very few corporate interests, and
with access to 'zines limited by circulation, the Web is the only place
left where free speech *can* exist.

But I'm sure you knew that already.

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