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Re: legal position paper - 'Hijack on the Road to Xanadu'

No I hadn't seen it, I hope you won't mind if I send your letter to
ted@xxxxxxxxxx and the udanax mailing list.  The udanax mailing list
hasn't had much traffic, but I intend to start explaining theory and
code there, so you might want to join that. To join send mail to
udanax-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxx .

Thanks for the pointer, I intend to read all of it as soon as I can.
I couldn't agree more with your sig quote.  I holds true to a lesser 
extent for most conservatives, even those who don't identify completely
with the 'Religious Right'.  They claim to be for less government and
personal freedom, but when it comes down to it they are for ordenung,
that is to say order and conformity.

Your site looks intriguing, I'll look at it when I can.

Joseph Osako wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone else had seen this:
> http://www.law.warwick.ac.uk/jilt/99-1/morrison.html
> It is a legal dissertation on copyrights from a February of last year,
> entitled, "Hijack on the road to Xanadu: The Infingement of Copyright in
> HTML Documents via Networked Computers and the Legitimacy of Browsing
> Hypermedia Documents". I ahven't read it through yet, but it seems to hold
> that technical approaches to copyright law, or at least the so-called
> 'copyright management systems' being used with HTML, are unworkable.
> In addition to the title, the introductory paragraph gives a brief mention
> of Xanadu, and describes vaguely how it differs from WWW. It isn't entirely
> accurate, but it does acknowledge that flaws in the HTML based systems were
> largely absent from the Xanadu design from the first.
> Any opinions? I intend to finish reading it RSN.
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> "The 'Religious Right', once you get beyond their rhetoric of personal
> 'salvation', is solidly collectivist and concerned primarily with
> social conduct." Joseph Osako

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